Start using The Box Cycle app so you can start recycling for credits.


Find the closest Recycling Bank and return your empty PET bottles, glass bottles or aluminum cans.


For every drink container you earn 10 credits, redeem them for an eGift-Card or donate to a cause.

Get the App

The Box Cycle App is available for IOS and Android users.

Locate your closest Recycling Bank, keep track of your credits and after you accumulate a bunch, redeem them for an eGift-Card or donate them to a cause.

Get it and start recycling.

Use the eGift-Card

When you reach a bunch of credits, select the amount you want to redeem and receive

your eGift-card on the email your account has been registered.

Do you have any trouble or question? Shoot us a message.

Donate to a cause

Instead of redeeming your credits, you can donate them to a cause. The Box Cycle is not only about Recycling, is about a greater change involving different approaches on how we can all together create a positive impact on the environment.

Our current participating organizations are:

Fifteen Trees:

Fifteen Trees helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change through sponsoring Australian community tree planting projects.

Do you want to be included?

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